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the embryos develop for a short time in water, casting several skins,
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her best doubt the existence of any appreciable change of this kind until
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it is impossible to remove the tumour, which is often deeply placed
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Pravaz upon animals, some of which are the following: In an experi-
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of the posterior mediastinum, one of which is relatively si"*^^ ^^^ ^^
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a fe.w moments in a sort of stupor. At the beginning of each attack
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Physicians and Surgeons, Medical Department, Columbia
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intensity of the febrile excitement, and in many cases looks more like
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containing parasites, should be destroyed. The pastures may be dressed
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insisted upon as the one all important step in the operation.
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large quantities of cold water. It is commoner when animals have not
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emotional action, and it may be a question whether the intellectual opera-
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tion. On the former becoming weak, or the latter stertorious, the inha-
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis presents no difficulty, for the development
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while acting as the medical adviser of the Board of Health of Chicago,
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tions, ordinary procedure in actions for malpractice, the surgeon
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pr e mi ng so earnestly on every one the importance of thoroughly testing,
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peppermint, camomile, etc. These act first of all mechanically, by clear-
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same expedition, that I was absent from the room 40 seconds.) On my
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In addition to these two morbid conditions, a third occurs with
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a figure of 8 on the opposite horn. Instead of applying such a dressing,
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the patella carried a second time backwards, again crossed, and finally
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can command, to extricate himself from. But in the absence of all evi-
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commonly called neurasthenia, and a general breakdown of mental
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stained, and the serous membranes, particularly the endocardium,
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