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Cj^sts of the iidder may assume one of two forms, milk or galactoce-

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animals are most commonly infected through injuries caused by vege-

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mucous membrane appears slightly dry for some time before salivation

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inferential; we believe in its existence, -because certain effects which we

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The loose end of the sac is now clasped in the jaws of the

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hours after the accident, and found the patient lying on the floor; left

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such accidents,without any of the antecedents that would lead one to suspect

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number of complications, relapses, and deaths in typhoid fever.

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(3.) The horn secreted by the papillae of the horn band (which is

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opinion is in favour of the identity of cow-pox and human variola.

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because the blood proves sterile unless grave pulmonary, intestinal or

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Is it an unwarrantable speculation to transfer this law of specific contami-

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Of course, no medical man — and no one else should attempt to give

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pendix, and before making a diagnosis of chronic appendicular

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marked prostration, often with abdominal pain, make a clinical

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During the attacks of snorting, the discharge resembles that of

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space to organic chemistry, that mountain of facts, which modern science ha-

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quent; expectoration scanty. The very striking effects of the medicine,

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and double cystic ovaries. It was in this case that the re-

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readers are quite familiar with the high character of these vol-

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pleurisy is usually absent, the full bath in a tub filled two-


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