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Mil opening at once from the, peritonoeal to the pleural cavity. If, now,
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Treatment. The first point requiring attention is so to fix the
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which may not be legally provided with a current license tag.
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retted hydrogen is greatly in excess of the carbonic acid. In chronic
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Dr. Ernest Parsons, of Somerset, Ky . -pent a few day- in
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Investigating this subject, I was naturally curious to see whether both of
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which readily explains the occurrence of rachitis when young animals
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vessel, etc. It is important, however, to remember that cases occur
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the fact that the abscesses are filled with white sebaceous material and
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genial ptosis of the abdominal organs is found in about 20 per
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they may be very logical, prove no more than a puff" of nonsense.
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Anus. Examination of the anus is easy. Simple inspection reveals
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pneumonia, only attaining its highest point at the period of crisis, whilst
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ring several minutes, above and below the aneurism ; but when removed,
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butyric, capric, and caprylic acids appear in the depressions and give
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occurs as a secondary phenomenon in conditions like rinderpest, Texas
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degrees of rapidity with which it passes through the different
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by the hundreds of convulsions of which this poor creature has, in a long
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(a) Limited Torsion. — -The testicles are exposed as in castration
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frequent but not the only causes of these infections.
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With asking your pardon for intruding myself into your notice, I
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its contents the uterus exerts a pull on the broad ligaments and
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intermissions for three days. On the night of the third it ceased, and
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cases, to say nothing of a large number of less important cases.
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special pleading. The first case occurred in a healthy young man,
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ary treatment for an, acute pneumonia or dysentery, as the case may be,
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where. Early treatment of suppurative mammitis, metritis, etc., is


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