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of the kidney makes it of the utmost value to make an early

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surface of the body and presents these peculiar powdery crusts.

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sures as shall be efficient in protecting the minds of community, from the impo-

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Dr. Ewing Marshall, of Louisville, entertained in honor of

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The passage of the oesophageal sound or probang is apt to exaggerate

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not refrain from saying that at this meeting he stated his oppo-

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continuation during May, and to its gradual disappearance early in June.

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vomiting, usually bilious. At length the contents of the intestines, in a

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of esteem. Others in this country advocated the use of chloric ether, in the per-

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lowed boiling water. The difficulty of breathing had existed but a

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Much has been said in regard to these experiments. Each case has been

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every symptom and condition must be particularly enquired into, and if

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dyspepsia, but have also been subject to severe attacks of neuralgia. In

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or the medium of a wound, and the micro-organism is so virulent

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Two cylindrical rods the size of broomsticks and a wooden mallet

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Treatment. We know that in the Middle Ages this disease was often

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usually suffice to prevent confusion with the ordinary forms of gastro-

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vital powers ensued. This w&a the fashionable phrase at thai

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