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ulant. In any case, examinations of the circulatory condition

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impossible to learn the exact extent of the disease. In the Judith Basin

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It is to be hoped that so rare an opportunity for scientific research will

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grave because the pastures are infested with eggs or embryos, and the

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ing methods in the Medical Department of the University of Lou-

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But, as those whose experience has been extensive well know, the

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bacillus is always found in the mucous membrane of the abomasum, and

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sis in the aged would hardly offer peculiarities that would

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trate this view it may be well to advert briefly to the varieties and gener-

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appearances of the last period of tuberculosis (chronic diarrhoea,

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capable of entering and irritating gland ducts or sores, or food which is

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sought through the use of nitrate of potash or other diuretic." (Law's

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the tips of our fingers touching the table we could imitate all the evolu-

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injury it works is (I think) to the will, that force whereby a man exe-

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ducing a thirty-inch, No. 20, French. sofl rubber, catheter into

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thyroid. Further experiments to test this hypothesis are reported.

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That hydro-sulphuric acid is formed by the spontaneous decom-

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bones, is also the last. It is rarel}' seen in large animals like horses and

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the treatment of disease to an extent unparalleled in the history of

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The parts are washed with boiled water and dusted with boric acid,

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closed without drainage. The absence of the hidney on one

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bandages should be applied to the surface, covering all the surrounding

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these circumstances, we are unable to blame the food (which has not been

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