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tion the larynx is not partially or completely denuded of its adventitious

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look, which it is difficult to describe. There was a sort of piercing concentra-

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Ag. Soc. for 1902 Mr. Wheeler draws attention to the close points of

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ments respecting the Buffalo College, but we scorn to publish them.

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ally soiling and at length infecting the floor of the vagina. In

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by our gross senses, is no proof of its non-existence. With all our

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division) it gives rise to the segments, which as we have already seen,

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day. It was with but a portion of my original self that I went through

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rest in bed. Blood pressure and strain must be kept down by

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The chief part of the botanical descriptions in the following list have

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According to Lignieres this gastro-intestinal strongylosis only plays a

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in many cases of cholera, depend upon its removing internal congestion,

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Injuries affecting the horns are of three classes, determined by the

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(1.) The horn core projecting from the frontal bone does not

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The region immediately behind the diaphragm in the ox being

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Dr. W. L. Heizer, of Bowling Green, State Superintendent of

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lar. Says he has " been drinking day and night for three weeks, all the

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1 to IJ grains of eserine, according to the size of the animal, sometimes

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confined within the horny covering of the foot, causes very acute suffering

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fellowship to all such schools as, having a competent faculty, shall give

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solid, resistant, almost stony. The spaces between the leaves are

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side which is still acting and, on the contrary, complete and total sup-

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Eossignol has shown that poisoning need not be feared in chemical


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