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were reported on Tuesday, three were found among the students
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feeble, she got along without difficulty ; and, after a protracted conva-
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sion, this variety nia/y be considered the most impure water in
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accompanying a parasitic invasion, and is characterised by great emacia-
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About the same time, a similar disease was discovered affecting
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accumulating too quickly, or has been continued too long. When this
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transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae as far as the white line, and
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Diseases of the Stomach. With special Reference to Treat-
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The arteries and their subdivisions anastomose freely with each other,
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the question of its preservation has long been studied.
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Suppurative inflammation of Gartner's canals, irritant and caustic
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of the Navy ; also, one appointing agents in the different States for the
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by the same forces, as the theory of Harvey supposes. The law, which
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much more difficult to distinguish from sebaceous eczema, and a
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an improvement we could only have been prepared for, after learning the
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given sparingly or entirely withheld ; the animals should be given an
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typhoid type, and that dysentery, was, in some localities, especially fatal."
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any one disorder. There is a peculiar vulnerability of the skin
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stopping the vomiting. She made use of it once or twice afterwards up-
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis presents no difficulty, but the lesions
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the abstraction of the material of one organ from the circulating fluid
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and odour (normal, foetid, putrid, etc.) of the faeces.
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action consists in preventing, or at least retarding, the changes which
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times accompanied by moaning. Slight tympanites may appear, and
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emitted. Nor is a modification in the chemical composition of the saliva
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from 2^5 to 2% of an inch, and are brownish in colour. For a detailed
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In other cases urethrotomy is performed opposite the point where


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