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Surgeons, Baltimore. Third Revised Edition. 12mo volume.
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M.D., D.D.S., Alfred A. Blandy, M.D., D.D.S., and A. S. Pigott, M.D.
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yearling sheep, whose skin is thin, fine and supple, and therefore
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This journal has commenced a new series, and is very much improved in its
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spread and terrible ravages, from the shores of the Caspian Sea, up the
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have no bearing on the question of poisoning. It is useful to bear in
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subsistence and development exist, are capable of multiplying with as-
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Symptoms. The disease develops rather insidiously, and the patients
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by which the hair serves the purposes of the individual ; as, for example,
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much more prominent than in the lower. When the patients are still
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this be admitted, it is difficult to see how, in the present state of our
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The diagnosis is extremely easy. The prognosis is grave.
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under the greatest variety of circumstances — thousands of miles and
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enlargement of the cervical glands subsequent to the removal of
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quent, the tongue dark brown, the urine scanty, diarrhoea, low muttering
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salines are indicated — not to the point of producing purgation, which
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that sheep may be given a fluid ounce of Tessier's bath for eight days
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metacarpus and phalanges come to form a straight line, but later the
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same time they believe that every practitioner, whether of allopathy, ho-
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vantageously be used to replace boiled water in diluting the first
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like to see it. Yet we breathe this foul air — worse than the abattoirs of Paris,
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A 1 in 2,000 iodine solution (iodine 15 grains, potassium iodide
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Whether the blood may not be deteriorated by this detention, so as to
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from " apoplexy," " epilepsy," " congestion of the brain," (fee, by which
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dies. At the end of that period I came to New York, and went volun-
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omy, and other sciences; and of him it may be truly said that he cul-


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