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successively extend to the others unless precautions are taken.

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I.. Bolton Bangs, New York (Medical Record, August, 1 ' ' 1 1 >.

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In obstinate cases, and in absence of gastric or cerebral congestion,

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solid facts of the latter portions, especially on the subject of cancer,

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tions of the cellular tissue, and gives the sizy (not buffy) coat to the blood

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On the other hand, pleuritic effusions are very common in contagious

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infection may, however, almost always be found, together with intense

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tion is termed '' pseudo-membranous, croupal, or diphtheritic enteritis."

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the disease in a grave form arrives at this stage, uninfluenced by treat-

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and terminated suddenly. In others convalescence was protracted by

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symptoms, but should not be overlooked. Eice water, sub-nitrate or

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markedly on the cerebro-spinal centres. It is in fact a complex

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animals lying down for long periods. The subjects are feeble, sluggish

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their part along with the many experiences of my colleagues,

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From the point of view of public hygiene all infected meat should

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Rheumatism; Erectile Tumour; Cours aV Accouchement in Paris;

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subjects of inquiry, but I have not the time to pursue them further.

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was a success so far as the malady against which it was directed is con-

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in normal cases deductions can be drawn accordingly. Hut

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however Arloing and Tri2)ier failed to produce rachitis experimentally.

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which beet pulp is stored is often sufficient for this purpose ; but if badly

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objects of professional endeavor should be the early diagnosis.

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In 1876 Laillier communicated to a French medical society a

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distributed throughout the western United States, and are generally

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microorganisms it would lead to its extirpation in the system.

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since a certain divine declared a decided preference for young physicians


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