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tinction, and the foul complaints of mortified vanity. Let us not raise the money-
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in which the normal or pathological sounds are produced.
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reproductivity of the mice was also observed and it was found
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his hand and wrist. He had been told that it was a cancer. I informed
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nant water on certain pastures, heavy annual rainfall,
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necrosis of the bones, suppurative synovitis, and even suppurative
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may be called the cardiac zone, on a level with which are heard the
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sheep-dogs or herds, and lagging behind the flock when driven ; the
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umes. This volume is thoroughly trustworthy and concise, and
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In this connection nothing has yet been done to assist in diagnosing
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culosis. The diagnosis as regards fungi can only be assured by preparing
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buoyant as a normal portion would be, nevertheless floats when placed
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have laid down the principles, let the particulars be
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that pernicious anaemia with catarrh of the abomasum in young animals
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temporary, and the resulting vesical colic and retention last but a
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Septic metritis may occasionally be purely accidental and only
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nurse in charge of the children in Ward G, the women and chil-
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condensed extract we have occupied some pages to the exclusion of other
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more reliable than that obtained by the pathologist. I have
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treatment specially adapted to the very mild and very seven
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which came up in a macerated condition. This continued in an aggra-
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too much studied and examined in order to arrive at the most rational
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it necessary to make in relation to this case is, that could I have known
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amphoric souffle accompanied by a sound like that of drops of water


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