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to put an end to infectious complications such as suppurative poly-

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been issued upon the family of Hirudines. In the place cited it may

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branches at nearly right angles from the main trunk, about a mile from

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to fill the house, and more ingredients are added as required, the lambs

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may resemble coral or may form growths of a romicled, polyhedric or

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there is a production of saccharine matter constantly occurring in the

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vision for liquid secretion, and depends for its supply on constant flush-

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wool injured by dipping, while on other samples no appreciable effect

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Fig. 306.— 1, Prolapse of the rectum and vagina ;

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Even though direct contagion has not been proved, it is impossible

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after which a dressing known as the " Maltese cross dressing " (Fig. 10)

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does not cure scab. Experience in Australia and South Africa, as

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With this view of the subject, it is by no means absurd, as has been

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Symptoms. The first signs which attract attention are of a general

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him, for the relief of which he prescribed the belladonna mixture with

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Diagnosis. The diagnosis necessitates a careful examination. In

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well in all such associations, at home, and abroad, the principle is recog-

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of exacting a pecuniary honorarium therefor. Very different is the <

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of every section have an interest in it, and are by the Faculty cordially in-

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thing is seriously amiss with the animal. The first observable symptom

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tribe, this week, in cerebral hemorrhage and inflammation of the brain,

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did not at once resume unimpaired, the possession of all its powers.


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