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prefer the depths rather than the surfaces of media ; grow feebl}^ if at
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Symptoms. The symptoms are extremely simple. They consist
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fession, and to favor the progress of the charlatan, but let my thoughts,
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the brain. In hooping-cough, accompanied with high febrile excite-
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Then there is an exacerbation, with recurrence perhaps of rigors, with
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Later, as a result of auto-infection, diarrhoea sets in ; under the
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necessity of dilating the urethra in order that a large enough
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One of the most popular of these applications is nitric acid of a
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Moussu prefers a form of treatment which he claims has always
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is the consciousness of exertion, that the operators often imagine that the
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matous cells of the kidney or liver. An exception in this detail
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had previously been in permanent possession. It has also been re-
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\t -hurt range accomomodation will not answer and the
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of fact, the lymphatic glands as such no longer exist, their tissue
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are extremely well defined. They consist in the presence of diffuse or
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There is no doubt, however, that the free admission of oxygen
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is exudation at its centre, transforming it into a vesico-pustule. The
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acute vaginitis, though it occasionally develops in a slow and progres-
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the de omposition of animal and vegetable matters in quantities, will
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of the description which I propose to copy from my memoranda, for the
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poisoned by carbonic acid gas, as in the experiment with the battle-ground
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The front limbs are distorted. In young pigs, lambs, and less
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has a double beneficial influence, acting both as a manure and as a
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Nocard gives the following description of the lesions found during his
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and by his watchfulness and care saves its life ; but while


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