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frequently it is moved in hand, either in straight lines or in circles.

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limbs and back, and tenderness over the right hypochondriac space. His

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plicated with lymphadenitis : hence the grouping of these different

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fleeced, cannot be recommended ; in such cases tobacco, or sulphur and

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chitis or simple pulmonary emphysema is based on the increased

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At a meting of the Legislature in 1906, through the influence

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tion that the latter is rarely accompanied by the anginose affection, so

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division such food cannot be returned to the mouth for secondary masti-

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The accident is commonest in the cow, but it has also been described

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mucous tissues, Beladonna the skin, Ergot the uterus, &c

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form of the Filaria cervina of the serous cavities.

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in those of the second group the organisms which have entered the blood-

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without abscess formation in the connective tissue and adipose layer

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heredity, of wet and cold, of sudden changes in temperature, draughts

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Coagulation complete was not obtained, yet the tumor appeared to

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is carried out in low typhus and adynamic forms of fever, by the ad-

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In cases of acute suppression of the menses, he is in the habit of pre-

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and should the time ever come, which we trust is far distant, when the depart-

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on the eastern and western sides of Lake Michigan; on the latter, south-

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A little liberty will prove like moderate thinking, and lead to intempe-

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soon followed by profuse, foetid, blackish diarrhoea, sometimes containing

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indurated growths bearing the same general character as the larger ones,

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surgical operations, when very marked disease of the organ existed, and


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