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pressure apparatus, which is considered bj Km of equal
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per, going on from molecule to molecule. Which shall triumph, will
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shall be the counties of Oakland, Macomb, Lapeer, ^t. Clair and Sanilac
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troit. The highest point at Montreal occurred a day later, and at Phila-
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pericardial sac, there is infection, which produces an active form of
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units of diphtheric antitoxin, and on the next morning 2,000
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excellent report by J. J. Repp, Y.M.D., in the Journal of Comp. JMcdicine
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tire ; for, if using laudanum or the opium pill, he is constantly more or
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may be permitted perhaps to occupy a brief space in your columns, in
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not be forgotten, however, in planning such an opening that the sinus of
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tains more or less albumen. The yield of milk markedly and progres-
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there i- no permanent cure to he hoped for by the USe of the
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storms, and the value of the barometer in navigating our lakes. He maintains
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and painful. The next morning, the enlargement of the mamma was
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to occur more frequently in animals raised in flat districts, because in their
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prefer those which will not diminish the oxygen of the blood, as some of
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boiled water, boric acid or borax solution of 3 per cent, strength, or
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meeting of the National Association for the Study and Preven
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deadly. Admitted into the pleura, the peritoneum, or arachnoid, (as I
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grene of the. fascia lata, with infiltration of the surrounding
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tion of the extremities, detaining in that maimer, a portion of the blood
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symptom, viz, deformity. This is present as a rule, unit
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the case of the prostate. Clinically it is distinguished by symptoms
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it is confined to removing any dead portions of the velvety tissue and to
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tains more or less albumen. The yield of milk markedly and progres-
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great. Nothing effectual can be done until the neck of the uterus is
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method (see Moller and Dollar's " Regional Surgery," p. 313). After


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