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when he was seized with a most violent and general convulsion, dis-
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After an interval of two days this treatment is repeated. In case the
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the exciting cause in depraved secretions, retained bile and urea; and
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consists essentially in suppurating inflammation of the umbilical vein,
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ment. The railroads of the State agreed to charge nothing for
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Dr. .James Paul, of Trenton, and had the proposition to that effect,
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as to be pronounced the same in pathological character with those por-
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Cutaneous tuberculosis is one of the rarest forms of the disease.
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to take that social position which furnishes to his colleagues
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bovine species, but secondary diseases of this membrane, on the other
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colleges taught the corred uses of water, which is really a most
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The drug that has found greatest favor is arsenic, which
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public the advantages derivable from these things ; may we not ask tp be
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plugged, and bleeding ceases. This plugging should end in organisation
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stomach, and used a variety of anti-emetic mixtures, but all to no pur-
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we judge in a great measure, of their intensity, by its frequency and the
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis is very difficult, at all events in medi-
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able from decubitus occur, and wasting or secondary purulent infection
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mass of fibrous tissue as thick as a man's arm. It resembles a fibrous
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over, never attacks the head or body, but remains localised in the
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boasts of this Homoeopathic district, where little pill men talk and roar,
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its movements, passes into the lung, and there sets up pneumonia.
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Tessier's bath is excellent from the therapeutic standpoint, but it
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consideration, as it is to Scarlatina, and forms a striking analogy between
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of the brain itself all these diagnosis are made with an ac-
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being taken to allow of drainage at the lower part of the operative
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part of the anterior cranial region and the summit of the head, ex-
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they stood forth as champions of equal rights — pledged, if placed in
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and, according to circumstances, give milk of ordinary composition,


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