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appear especially due to diastatic ferments present in the pulp liquid,

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bath containing soap in order to soften and remove the scabs. Appli-

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flexure — that portion of the intestine at the beginning of the de-

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In other cases extirpation is the only rational treatment. The

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of practice which are founded, not on hypothesis, but on experience and ob-

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development and history of the disease, discovered on questioning the

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natural termination; the manifestati in of pn um nia being due

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midst of hyperborean snows, as it did, that it made a strong impression up-

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pleura, which presented a diffused redness, while the visceral pleura, after

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at which time death occurs or convalescence begins, usually the former.

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and render it capable of building up and sustaining the organism and

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extend as far as the hypochondriac region, because the lower part of the

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to find two or three vesicles, and in any case the most important informa-

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The minutes of the last meeting were then read and approved. The

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Undoubtedly our methods of diagnosis have greatly improved

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We were at one time impressed with the belief that nausea or vomit-

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the glandular tissue and the interstitial tissue. From the anatomical

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healthy. In the parts which are most markedly affected the interglan-

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horse, and owing to the different conditions under which the ox performs

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particularly the base of the tail, and when it is accompanied by erup-

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Action of the Academy of Sciences of Paris, in regard to expjidiments

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account of Dr. Jewett in reference to the disease as it prevailed in Cale-

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ing it, he was not certain as to the amount. The syringe was introduced

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should be cooked or destroyed. If eaten raw^ by dogs the eggs pass

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MacKenzie apparently believes this preliminary irregularities


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