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Tracheotomy thus obviating the effects of laryngismus — 1st. The

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reduction has become difficult, caution must be observed. Suroical

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served. It had a fracture in the skull, as if done by a war club, and is, no

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particularly of those used in carts. The chief indications are swelling in

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ory and practice. When we look at the practice of her disciples, con-

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which in one or two days become transformed into vesicles through

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condition, be eaten by man, its ingestion is followed by the development

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him upon his side, then upon the back again, gave various positions to

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Injuries affecting the horns are of three classes, determined by the

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therefore directed my attention to them, and discovered that they con-

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In practice examination of the rumen is confined to these four methods.

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by appendicostomy ; sometimes by a temporary colostomy, which

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liver, for example, would have a possible influence, an 1 if with-

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measurements with the sound side will -how tin- much sooner

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Delphinium trolliifolium. — This plant is common throughout the

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ence has been made. They may however, so easily occur through the

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ends of the bones, with the formation of false joints. The internal

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Pathological relaxation of the ligaments and muscles, by allowing the

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great quantity of a transparent or lemon-coloured liquid, resembling that

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more out-of-doors, less book work, and more free hand work.

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