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specimens of the north-western bird-, a of the Anatinae. Dr
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If the neck of the uterus is pervious, the parts must be washed
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modes of cure: 1st. To counteract the injurious operation of the poisons:
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Formerly omphalo-phlebitis was thought to be caused by the
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finally disappears at a considerable distance from the angle of the
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cases. Koeher found 21 out of 28 cases. The location of the
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siderable distance beyond the limits of the hernial openino-. Successive
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But we have facts more directly to my purpose : such as will show the
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the use of an enema consisting of sodium and potassium bromide,
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along the abdominal wall in front of the udder. The milk may be
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and be localised in particular tracts of glandular tissue. The secreting
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willingness to act as co-laborers, if not progressives and revolutionists' in the
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Etiology. One of the principal causes suggested is that of heredity,
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brought about, it always occurs at a distance of 2 to 4 inches from the
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muscular action and mechanical force, we defy all the ut of Pan-
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u.-is soughl in iM'w remedies to throttle the disease, so long has
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Kidneys — No evidences of disease appeared to us. Bladder con-
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mer, Doctors T. II. Baker, Geo. Coon, L. Y. Johnson, Sidney
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below upwards, which can be removed after a lapse of half an hour to
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principally of murmurs : soft murmurs due to insufficiency of the
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ox on the horn with the yoke in order to keep it quiet while it is being
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affected (pleura, pericardium, endocardium), but only in very exceptional
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upon the subjects of Typhis Fever, like that of Fort Brady, where the
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