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Lesions. At first glance the lesions appear to resemble those of
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it, and almost every year the daily papers chronicle the death of several
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the postures by shoulder braces, which usually tend to correct the
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partial ablation of the mamma. This operation is advisable in cases
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uterus the animal is poisoned by the absorption of toxins through the
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although only the most trifling erosions may exist in the mucous mem-
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.and the mucous membrane of the oesophagus, it is turned on its axis,
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and almost rigidly, the animal shows a tendency to vertigo, pushes its
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usual in our epidemics. The slightest imprudence, either in diet, expos-
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the breathing is enormously accelerated if the patients are forced
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door posts, and results from laceration of the layers of subcutaneous
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in the pelvis of the kidney, in the ureter, and uriniferous tubules,
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which has been so confidently ascribed to cystic ovaries. How
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recovered, and the foal grew rapidly better. The land on both farms
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myocardium with impending dilatation is rapidity of heart action.
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As the season advanced the disease extended to the soldiers' barracks,
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upon us a double obligation. The question should be constantly before
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rience, yet its effects have been so highly gratifying in the hands of
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had ample opportunity of becoming acquainted, in the pages of this jour-
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adhesions being sometimes very extensive. The pericardial sac pro-
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— '* General Surgery.^' Volume 2 of "The Practice of Veter-
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other diseases. It has been demonstrated by Brack that
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tions afforded by careful palpation (thickening of the walls of the
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the same as the lymph <>f other organs ■• undei
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