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. trained to correctness of thought, are not easily led astray by phantoms.

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young and which have suffered from spontaneous progressive hernia of

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often the case in the ox, they may obstruct the urethra, causing

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containing bicarbonate of soda, supplemented by general tonic treatment

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enormous numbers, steadily ascends along the cord, and sets up septi-

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purgative properties they excite contraction of the gastric reservoirs and

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lying meadows particularly in some parts of France, as for instance

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that have been bitten by other animals should be quarantined and

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cystitis is set up, this being afterwards maintained by microbic agents

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Veterinary College ; Oculist and Aurist to St. Martha's

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Respiration 28; irregular. Ordered s. v. g, f. § iv., tr. opii, gtt. 120, to

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secured. Acting upon these rulings on Tuesday, February 28. Dr.

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The parietal and visceral layers of the serous membrane are always

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One brought to life. By Samuel A. Cartwright, M. D., New Or-

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consumption, by a timely and judicious use of it. We trust that even

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as to bring the nose into the flank or the costal region. This is the

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hitherto recognised are the chronic hypertrophic forms of nephritis

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came slow, full and distinct, the skin cool and often soft and moist, and

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sensibility, and sometimes causes the animal to resent being handled.

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But gentlemen, in these conceded wrongs, can we, as members of this

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In several instances he has noted calcareous infiltration of the

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of how to apply suggestion efficaciously as an adjunct in the

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The l'. S. Government printing office had to remove the mer-


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