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appearance of the warts sometimes found on the cheeks of dogs or the
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establishing of the said State Sanatorium it was vetoed by the
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Treatment. Treatment should be directed towards combatting the
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period of time. The flames of the Bunsen burners were extin-
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checking or preventing the elimination of mercury by the kidney, or by
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exhibited a spectacle in the rapidity of her progress which challenges the
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rupted silk sutures through the lips of the wound ; reduction. The
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of his shoes more learning than Galen and Avicennes, and his beard
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in the world, to establish literary, scientific, and professional education upon,
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Digestive disturbance appears less important, and may be regarded as
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Other microbes have also been described as occurring in the blood or
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Treatment. Should the patient be in reasonably good condition, but
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the sub-scapular zone and the auscultation zones 2 and 3 (Fig. 166).
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patella to descend too far on the trochlea, also renders displacement
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of an iron needle, with which the scrotum is pierced through
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The first symptoms that are calculated to excite suspicion are a loss
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Inspection and palpation of the scrotum reveals hypertrophy,
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cinal or officinal leech can acquire, were I sure that the old grandmother
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the normal point. Some cases vary greatly from the type described
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more erratic than the other sheep, standing oftener to stamp at the
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rus from the diseased condition it meets there? We have,
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(St. Petersburg, 1841) on feeding wdth raw^ flesh w^as attention drawn to
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Prognosis. The prognosis is extremely grave. About 95 -per cent,
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The animals known to be tuberculous should as rapidly as
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they are almost inwardly due to enfeebl menl of the peripherea]


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