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the existence of ulceration in the plates of the ilium or the glands of Peyer

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eased parts, as well as in exciting inflammation in parts whose power of

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miles from her residence in the country, to act as his nurse. After con-

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should be taken for a certain time to produce these effects.

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of that time, the patient, a young lady, presented herself again, saying

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It is usually when the little pig begins to eat, i.e., a fortnight or

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two have been sent to private physicians in other parts of the State, and

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In approaching the subject of the curative treatment of cholera, we

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Eoclie-Lubin states that this is common in flocks as a result of moving

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for it is identical with that which is observed in other domestic animals,

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larged and thoroughly revised. Octavo, 780 pages, with

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cent of all dissecting-room subjects, that is, some degree of ptosis.

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At birth the mnbilical cord is represented by a cylindrical mass,

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years, began to rage. But though the cholera morbus proved more epi-

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to yourselves, and which has entitled you to the highest honors your Profes-

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reason that so many sick people have been forced to ignore

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contiguous states, provide a laboratory for examination of sus-

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Muscular rheumatism is due to causes similar to those of articular

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fashion. With the patient standing, if you place your hand he

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however, which always preponderate and play the part of organised

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compounds left on the skin. The cutaneous transpiration

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It thus happens that an animal of vigorous appearance and in good

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been recognized as absolutely the safest agent known. Hewitt

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Among the now innumerable cases in which chloroform has been

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low and a probang is not at hand, one may administer IJ to 2


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