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the wound being left patent is thereby avoided. But even here the

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In the vicinity of the operation wound there was intense

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ACUTE OVERDOSAGE May cause nausea and withdrawal bleeding may occur in females

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leading to the formation of abscesses in the lungs pleurae chest

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that dampness exerts a powerful influence over epidemic diseases.

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bouillon cultures to air for from three to ten months the strength

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ishing. It evidently arises from some peculiar action of the

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son of the year or other is developed a disease as frequent and

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tained when the stomach washing is done just at the

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to the last mentioned subjects. To present a satisfactory analysis of this

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Acting upon a suggestion of M. Ruspini who after many experiments upon

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calculus from the pelvis of a kidney the only evidence of the

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or any other part being connected by fibres so as to establish a

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extent regarding the source of infection for man. The sharp

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is no ground for supposing that enlargement of the spleen alone ever gives

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kept pace with the accuracy and intelligence of anatomical

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a lot of information brought out in the discussion which probably will

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owing to cardiac exhaustion or paralysis. Although most instances are

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decreased until the ih day when the last examination was made

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The MSMS Liaison Committee with MPRO submitted an action report A

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them to action by the plentiful use of a strong infusion of the

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continued for about a month with intervals of several days rendered the

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Many other interesting peculiarities of the peritoneum are described but

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and head set in three days before death which occurred on sixteenth

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able to render first aid. Every Medical Department soldier

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excellent account of it translated from M. Cazeau s treatise on Midwifery.

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