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A number of fellowships, open to suitably qualified students, are available for re-
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before the First Professional Examination. Such candidates may be
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even in paralyses in syphilis and tuberculosis. Finally, certain paralyses which
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advance, but, in the cases that recover, a number of processes of regeneration
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as true chorea. It seems to us far more correct in such cases, which are very
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-GynsQcology, Materia. Medioa, and State Medicine. The utmost time for each
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around one another in the most remarkable way. This form of motor irri-
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repeatedly found on the paralyzed side, but they usually attain only a slight
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sible to the influence of pain or heat is therefore of special significance, because
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in September, and ends on the last Wednesday in June. There is a
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Auriculo-temporal. b. Buccinator, m. Mental. B. Posterior branches of the third cervical.
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plication of the cord itself, spastic paretic symptoms in one or both legs, some-
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BBLaBAYB Hospital fob Ghildbbn (79, OUmceater-street, 8.W.}
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ffge y*m subjected, to m rt^.^tk^ the veteH^»i'$ eiuwiination tahle. However,
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Although this first " neuralgic stage " is especially characteristic of meningeal
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above described, show somewhat remarkable attainments in one special direc-
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the following: ° ^" '"'^''^"9 this determination we are* concerned ^ith
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Friedreich for a case observed by him, in which there were clonic spasms in
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David Robardson Lincoln Duncan, S.B., Assistant in Biochemistry.
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out any preconceived opinion or prejudice. Tbe fundamental diagnostic prin-
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following rates of college pay : Second class student, Bs. 9 ; first dasB.
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the extension of, inflammation from some neighboring part. The most fruitful
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after decussating goes to the red nucleus (nucleus ruber, Fig. 116, page 155),
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by the new growth or actually incorporated in it. Of' the symptoms thus
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tJ^« ^ T'"^*^^'*®' inlcrofilarlae undergo developuental chants. After aporexlBately
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in Surgery of any University recognised for this purpose by this College, will be
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his organs, inject poisons into him by night, and the like. He is disturbed
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known tables of Allen Starr, Kocher, Bruns, and others, but it can be re-
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in conjunction with ST 3ABR90830-VH-2/3OBR992i-l-II-10, Egg Inspection. A
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the period of onset, because the disease begins very gradually, and therefore its
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The much-discussed and peculiar symptoms of transfer, as well as metal-
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lectures on Chemistry, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Botany, and Micro-
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affection of the anterior gray cornua must have as a result a paralysis with a


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