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of blood flow in lung capillaries of the frog, which he found

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than anyone dreamed would be ];ossible. I lliink. too. there is no one

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being the sequel of a case of nephrotomy exhibited at the

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lows : — Her sight was good with the aid of glasses. Her

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above described. These last mentioned vessels receive the lym-

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blood pressure is noted to increase as such practice unneces-


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solution. It behaved perfectly well and the boy did not have

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applies to most of the British writers just mentioned ; and, like

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'i Works, ed. by Palmer, iii, 31. ^ Essay on the Blood, 8vo, Lond. 1824,

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up in plaster of Paris and kept at rest for six weeks, but no

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his self-indulgence and forego his pleasures, or to neglect his

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written permission for republication from the original pub-

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deceive us, by representing objects different from what they

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years of medical science was keyed to the action of the heart

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the early morning, repeated after an hour and a half, the double dose

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1885 Caton, Richaed, M.D., 18, Croxteth Eoad, and 86,

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"The edges of the wound in the kidney-cyst were now

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limbs. During the last year he had had sudden and uncon-

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ing difficulty in locomotion from the size and weight of the

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gram to include detection and treatment clinics, research, and

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respect I believe that we have observed only a portion of the

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or otherwise conveys all copyright ownership to the Medical

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dency programs). In 1963, 53 percent of all filled internships

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gravy of cooked meat, and observed that more gravy is contained in the

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disease was quite limited to the right cord on the right side.

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45 black patients paralleled the general hospital population. 5

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concerning the value of the operation for carcinoma of the

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the Spleen Movable Spleen Splenoptosis Embolism and Abscess of the

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An appropriate bill will be resubmitted since S-851 did not

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As to treatment, I suppose that in the earlier stages it

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be effective only in the treatment of infections caused by

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If, then, they really be not globular_, but flat, and if water

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ever, so generally accepted that the converse is also true, viz.

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treatment paralyses rather than kills the ankylostomes, and the

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tures of fluid and solid tissue, their size, consistency, and

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system converts oily matter into a compound of protein ; and he states

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requiring that all alien physicians wishing to enter the

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opening, no other course seemed open to me as it appeared

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case is fully described in the Med.-Ghir. Trans, for 1883.

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ness of thought and action, gradually getting worse. Feels

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signatures were affixed, among which may be noticed, John

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by migration of cases from Newark to surrounding com-

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