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doubtless violently, and jierhaps spasmodically, con-

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fitted to attain various important objects, and rea-

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foreigners (exclusive of officials and soldiers or sailors)

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freed from its objectionable features. Tlien. again,

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dical or General Practitioner, or Surgeon, or Apothe-

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foremost than in any other direction. With this the

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not connected with the lymphatic or sahvary glands,

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details of Hunter's life ; the want of care in his early

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away," and "very hai-d all round." Sis weeks before

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the drain-tUo, I then carried the piece of India-rub-

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yet visible as a dai-k blue-grey conical mass, standing

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pulse got up, warmth was generated over the body, and the

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sions contract, as it were in defence of the loss of

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bonates. Brodie's method of injecting dilute nitric

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tilings expected of it. Since we last cast up its ac-

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surface, and seeing on both sides ; its vision being the unum quid

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a person of unsound mind can be put under bodily re- i

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functions aifected, the type being determined by the

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tum, and penis, witli retention, caused by a gonorrhoea!

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directions for treatment, his practical experience, as

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diplomas bearing dau respectively Jnne 15th, 1865, and

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an argument, at all events, that no patient could ap-

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self at his patient's bedside ; but when there his eye

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and the number of dirty houses, fever and filth were

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