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increased energy to the system. By the chemical analysis
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To forestall infection after surgical operations on the perito-
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' Reynolds's System of Medicine, Article Addison's Disease.
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tance action of the transversalis and the external and internal
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inasmuch as these methods, though they frequently give good results, may, as
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curred when a large quantity of fresh, especially sero-
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1]\ P'idr! mil, .ill', . tile p.itii't't i- !\Illii\i.'d witii ,lll -pvrd tii tile ,ld\.llKt'ii
bupropion xl 300 mg $102.76
surgical operations on the dead body, or, if he does so, hf
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7'he Cause of Sleej}. By Walter M. Colemax. Berlin :
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with the finger, and evacuated of their contents, which still pre-
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Blaine strongly advocates a course of emetics, given every
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favored by the majority of the most enlightened and progressive
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Morat. Among these are the Avorks of Mazzoni. Fischer, Paul Brun,
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I am not to lie understood as saying positively that
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all forms of spirits, even in moderation, disturb their
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1503. He adds, ''the ancients, and especially Aretaeus, have
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tagion from seoondiuw syphilitic affection, such as
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of load at the stomach after meals, which continues till relief is afforded byvoi
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for malignant growth. In these thirty-five cases four
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such vessel, as the stomach works back indigestible substances from
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should be performed at appropriate intervals All patients receiving thiazide therapy should be observed lor clinical
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LTHOUGH Dioscorides' Materia Medica is one of the most influen-


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