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flabby. Yet, according to Dr. Snow, it has not in any case been exten-
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more effective as a diuretic than larger quatities of warm water
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Although well studied by Stadelmann and Ostertag in Germany, and
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is situated in the left flank, and that it occupies the whole of the left
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one, with Dr. Rush, a leading and controlling idea. Dr.Armstrong in
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though the rumen and peritoneum were inflamed. When the open hand
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Pathogeny. All kinds of foreign bodies are swallowed by oxen, as
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excising a portion of the peripherical end, the means
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ing through of the connective and fibro-aponeurotic tissue at the base
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animals lying down for long periods. The subjects are feeble, sluggish
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Four men are generally employed for the operation. One drives
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seemed to receive a full general acknowledgment, and that is this : Not
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they must equally share the credit of success as well as the blame of failure.
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result of their presence with comparative certainty. The present age
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Scattered through my private records of twenty-five years
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strictions and thus in compressing the wall of the uterus.
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after commencing or re-commencing the use of opium, I always reached
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development of one disease, the large, hypertrophied kidney of the early
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tion and weakness, with symptoms of diarrhoea and pneumonia. In the
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Treatment. The crusts should be removed by washing or by stand-
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recorded cases of this accident; but as many of them are mere accidental


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