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substances which the abomasum and intestine are not yet capable of

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Melsens has been experimenting with artificial fibrous tissue and

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intimately mixed. By applying the ear over the flank region or by

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supply or in the movement of the bowel, normal secretion is impeded ;

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be made, the hook in its entirety is a clean-cut, complete expo-

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Dr. R. W. Taylor, of Louisville, died June 25 at his home.

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"This, it is scarcely necessary to say, embraces two principles and fun-

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Purgatives and diuretics diminish or prevent accidents such as

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sible for most of the splenic ruptures. The presence or absence

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case of hydatid mole, whether it be of the benign or malignant

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quantity of good chloroform was repeatedly distilled from concentrated sulphuric acid,

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acquired immunity is due to the secretion by the piroplasma of a sub-

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The animals are afterwards dressed with decoctions of tobacco, with

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considerable distances the changes should be made during the months

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Treatment should be commenced by carefully thinning the sole

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On the other hand, in cases of chronic lesions of the liver, kidneys,

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human fingers, but in external work a machine-sewed wound

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ercise, and, being stimulated by the example of the seniors, many of

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the household at the disposal of the physician. The best room

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neighbouring tissues react, and the process of repair may end either

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the fourth day after the operation and which, according to his

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very borders of insanity. Every medical man knows that these are

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The fortune of the patient was such as to deny him of almost every


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