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that a substance exerts a definite action on a living animal cell

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h«r accustomed domestic labors till about two years since, when she was

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and irregular teeth. For the rest, as in stomatitis, mere attention to

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viride, at no time for the first 24 hours exceeding four drops. This was

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It has hitherto been considered that the rumen, reticulum, and omasum

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Castration of bulls by means of clams has been practised in many

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are felt at the base of the penis or at the gland, possibly due to the

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ma\ be, until we can safely say the condition is not tuber-

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(e) Digestive disturbance is sometimes accompanied by various modi-

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Choroid; By J. 11. Woodward. B. S., M. I> Reprint

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and of the mucous membrane, extensive local exfoliation of epithelium,

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young animals an upper zone of normal resonance due to gas, a zone of

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infiltration, abnormal sensibility, fluctuation and increased heat, etc., by

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cultivated potato and those that have turned green from exposure to

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tions of the skin covering the chest, is connected with the

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vary with the dimensions of the caverns themselves. On ausculta-

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and producing enormous ulcerations, which in certain cases implicate the

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cicratrized ? If a new inoculable chancre developes itself after cicatriza-

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in capacity. The tricuspid valves seemed atrophied and the chordae ten-

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before visiting a lying-in woman. The disease followed him like a

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sound at the base of the heart — (sigmoid valves of aorta) — with a

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actually sew the skin and deep layers more smoothly and rapidly

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prevent their obtaining raw offal containing vesicles of echinococci from

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served to bring the school into favor, and to increase its numbers. In-


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