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secure ; I have myself been working at the problem for some

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when injected into the udder of a healthy cow or she-goat reproduces

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There was nothing in this result that need to appear surprising at first

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Found the patient sitting up, able to walk about the house, counte-

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American Association for the Advancement of Science,

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when an abscess in the lower cervical region breaks into the anterior

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thing that fissure of the superior maxilla is accompanied by hare lip and

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In Germany the creolin bath is generally employed :

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he has not yet published the full details, but which appeared by reason

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fore, not surprising that it should possess some power in acute Rheuma-

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pendence and of the deceased Presidents, as well as of many of my de-

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after the operation, and this is not to be expected even on Dr. Hall's own

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malignant character and extremely rapid development of lympho-

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caused by different parasites, such as sarcoptes, psoroptes, chorioptes,

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tain plants, such as plantain, have been recommended, but apart

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eases, it extends over a considerable time. Practically it is not often

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cases for practically ai y surgical procedure for periods of time

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grounds of temporary suspension of the ovarian secretion, the

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raged very universally, a new kind of fever arose, and attended both

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crease, burst the parent cell, each of them, in turn, producing numerous

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In bones the tubercles originate in the depths of the spongy tissue.

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however, the rupture is wide, and situated in the lower portion of the

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a specific in pneumonia, in the qualified terms we have stated; we say


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