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regular, well-to-do citizens, amid such prevalence of the disease among

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tions on the Meteorology of Michigan, presented the following :

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medulla oblongata. The hosts of the larvae include the calf, sheep, goat,

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Fig. 179.^ — Photograph of a patient immediately after operation,

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be either assimilated constantly, or be transformed into other products.

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of astringent, bitter, or highly stimulating drugs, a similar accident may

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Treatment. All farmers who fatten their animals know that the

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day the adult insects are continually hovering over the flocks, and on

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lennium was shortly to dawn upon the world, and the glorious " Thou-

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effects, but the necessity for a greater amount of uterine relaxation than

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in the final summing up. But to the temperature and degree of satura-

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the opposite side the respiratory murmur is increased.

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that erysipelas of the skin consists in a specific inflammation of its areo-

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l«M k it should be used incessantly unless patienl i-^ feeble."

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In making the few suggestions that are presented here, I have

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of the phalanges. These thickenings increase the diameter of the

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wasting, oedema of the dewlap, distension of the jugulars, marked

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rence in our hands; but the analogy is so strong, that we cannot resist

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Mr. Flexner, with others, are preparing bills to be presented to

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recognise degrees of gravity, and only in this way can one diagnose

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years. This Sydenham spoke of, under the name of intemperament

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very flattering account of the condition and rewards of the profession in

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preventive measures and the avoidance of ergotised food.

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They are sheltered in a recess excavated within the depths of the gland

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stances ingested to be at once rejected. These violent efforts, however,


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