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themselves that the eye really could look into the urinary blad-

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Lesions. On post-mortem examination of animals which have died

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diaphragm or the neighbouring organs. The intestines may contain

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But as one is usually unable to remove the primary cause, to which the

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acute infectious diseases, annual parasitic Jiscjima, constitu-

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Firstly, that experimental verminous infection of young animals does

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As Zoology, in all its departments, is daily becomimg a more popular

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side of the chest, and the sounds heard over the cardiac area, while

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where the skin is tender and unprotected by wool, as for instance the

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apparent thai the vapor had produced any deleterious effect. When taken out, all

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We are aware that former committees have objected to an increase in

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ness of the rumen being accompanied by hollowness of the flank, and

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Why does a lawyer demand a retained fee in advance, while

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The application of clams is simplest, and can be recommended.

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her forearms became erythematous but not so extensively in-

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distribute the life-giving oxygen is a tonic in the besl and truest

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pill to-day ; no specific effect of the calomel observed.

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operation, and the animal did w 7 ell afterwards. The fumes were obtain-

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ing in Paducah May 17-18. The following officers were elected:

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during the disinfection of Ward G. It was found that surface

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perhaps most important ; but there are others which have a rather wide

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petual wonder; what, though the electric fluid has become our news-


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