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More frequently cystitis is the result of inflammation due to con-

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quently depressed, according to the thickness of the tissues affected. In

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his own library, and such specimens from his cabinet as he can spare,

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This disease has also been termed parenchymatous and interstitial

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formed of fibrin, coagulated albumen, and epithelial debris cemented

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•extending band applied to the perinseum and fixed ; the strength of two

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be accepted in relation to the intestine, where the most varied organisms

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by a seconds' watch, I observed that a complete valve checked the tend-

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to air. The pericardium appeared healthy, except some abnormal ad-

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We hedge ourselves in, and are hedged in, by laws, which

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to permit the early application of the surgical remedy which

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peritoneum, chronic disease of the bladder, etc. Further, it appears,

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have been eaten. In such temporary abnormal states movement of the

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milk. The fistula may be large or small, according to circumstances.

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or toxic industrial residues like mouldy brewers' grains, fermented

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We are in the midst of a period in the year when medical science is

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fibre, caused by the caustic action of the ooze. When improperly made

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a forward direction, implicating the other stomachs, or backward, in-

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— urged the physicians to give the " drops." Neither of the physicians

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ana the bleeding was promptly arrested. This, by the way, is the most

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carditis due to foreign bodies are incurable and in the interest of the

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The life and death process of the rapidly multiplying dip-

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of difficult parturition, or is a post-partum complication.

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of partial dulness ; and expiration is rough and prolonged, sometimes of

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The crusts should be softened before the animals are washed, so

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During the winter of 1847 and 1848 the inhabitants of Michigan

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and dura mater so universally adherent that the skull-cap could not be

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five to fifty patients a day constantly and at the end of the year have a perfect

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general symptoms are those of malnutrition, and Curtice considers them

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