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been raised in reference to this subject, for there can be no doubt that

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liver or spleen alone have passed up, or resonance accompanied with the

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od, much more directly and accurately, and with less soiling and

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The animals lose flesh, pant for breath when moved, drop to the

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dendron's being the origin of the disease, why does not the disease exist

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depends largely on the degree of concentration. The necessary

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in check for a sufficient time to allow of the animals beino^ fattened.

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experimenting he has turned to forceps and needle for surgical

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secretion of milk is diminished or arrested, emaciation advances day by

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In studying brain pathology, it is well to bear in mind

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tonitis is produced by the irritant action of the urine on the peritoneal

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the depressing effects of a Zymotic poison, by inducing changes in the

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immediately examined show no characteristic lesions. The changes to be

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(3.) The horn secreted by the papillae of the horn band (which is

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line of the muzzle is grasped with the left hand, and the septum

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pharynx, oesophagus and larynx, and deforms the head.

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The salivary ducts, however, may become so distended that the main

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[The following is a very condensed account of a paper published by

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bacillus and with the microbe of ulcerative lymphangitis in the horse.

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1"-:. the fact that a wound of the subclavian artery must have been fol-

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foreign body was still in or near one of the br< nehi The child is five years

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be experienced. It must be remembered that in tuberculosis there

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Dr. Oldham was called to a lady twenty-six years old, who was dan-

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