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thetize by this method and demand the greatest dexterity on the

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ment, Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Path

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quent. It assumes the form either of bronchitis, laryngo-bronchitis,

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same manner, seeing that they are exposed, both directly and indirectly,

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ence of dulness at the period of crisis, whilst in the case of broncho-

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surgical treatment may be attempted. With this object, the displaced

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person sent for one of that class of physicians who style themselves

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the very acute tenderness of the parts by coughing and endeavouring to

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Dr. Palmer explained, stating the position of the University on the

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The food is ill-digested and the faeces have a repulsive odour, as

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on diaphragmatic hernia, by Henry J. Bowditch. The communication

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and the degree of tension in the spiral folds to some extent indicate

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increased amount of cerebro- spinal fluid or a jelly-like, sometimes blood-

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the wisdom and goodness of the beneficient authors of these blessings.

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The diarrhoea, which has lost its sanguinolent character towards the

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longed co-habitation with diseased oxen or lengthened sojourn in con-

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else to complain of. In the absence of any decided indications, Expect-

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on the serous membranes, a fact which throws light on the frequency of

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matter, first ejected, is a large quantity of thick, slimy mucus, and soon

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Experience has amply demonstrated that a properly made and

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dipping vat and provided with a bung-hole about 4 inches from the

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change in the blood characterised by a superabundance of white blood

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is then only necessary to reverse the movement, that is to say, raise

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one to fifteen days, the efflorescence makes its appearance upon some

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