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This is a report of some striking facts respecting the propagation and treat-
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from atmospheric influences, and a peculiar fever which arises from the
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The chemical analysis of the river water leads to the follow-
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haemorrhage extending to the interior of the frontal sinus not infrequently
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usually one of the articulations of the stifle, appears markedly enlarged,
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rated vaseline or with carbolic or iodoform ointment, to favour healing.
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cular patches. He was ordered to have creasote inhalation three or four
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if the patients are kept alive, abscess formation may occur, but this
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vigorous musculature may be able to support the disadvantage of
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specific disturbance, indicated by hsematuria, polyuria, and cardiac pal-
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was re-appointed chairman of a committee to report upon the Epidemic Dis-
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localised in the abdominal cavity. The connective tissue does not
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nent tympanites, etc., for which the state of the lungs alone would
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and fruits, and all kinds of human food, inspection of restaurants,
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massed together at some point in the canal, often near the free
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Palpation reveals the degree of sensitiveness, abnormalities in position
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gentleman himself had an attack of erysipelas of the face during the pre-
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constipation, without any particular fever. At a later stage, excessive
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affecting vegetables, principally the graminacese, and that domestic
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acid, may exist first in combination with ammonia, as Dr. G. Bird has
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which are found upon the surface of the mucous membrane in some
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disulfiram type reaction
Nor is it to be supposed that these investigations are without their
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in-Chief American Journal of Surgery, with the Collabora-
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exercises under direction as shall stimulate and improve the con-


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