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true leucaemia without adenitis are much rarer, the lesions therein

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valves of the heart was not produced by swine fever. The question

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department of the University of Louisville, 159 graduates were

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At this stage a special pathognomonic symptom develops, viz., intense

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mole. The etiology is obscure. It occurs five to seven weeks

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is impossible to suppose, aside from Mr. Hinckley's high character and

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poison is in abundance, and possessing great activity, no class or condit-

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square root of a great man. Notwithstanding his dry look, however, his

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signs of malignancy and were removed too late for permanent

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bloody. Since then I have met with cases of dysentery not to be distin-

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collected the blood of the hepatic vein, and what was my surprise at

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in a bed, closed on all its sides with a double curtain. Into this bed is

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" Come to Ireland, Wm. C is dead and has willed you all his prop-

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liquid in the bladder, and is replaced by a small ulceration which

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town. The following notes were made of the autopsy :

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are extremely well defined. They consist in the presence of diffuse or

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The common experiment of a few persons lifting another on the tips of

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liarities. Thus, though the disease is essentially endemic, it is not abso-

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Prognosis. The prognosis is very grave, and the disease almost

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black and sometimes fibrinous clots, — while the left side is usually

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character, treatment should at first be particularly directly against the

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same regions, all resonance being lost (pneumonia, broncho-pneumonia,

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whole class of dreams express fears. The latent content of

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