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that report it became obvious that this diseased condition of the
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(1.) Select a dip containing sulphur. If a prepared "dip" is used
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in whose family you practice, was attacked with typhoid pneumonia
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distributing the germs of swine fever through their highly infective
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In quiet animals the practitioner can examine the cavity of the mouth
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pelvis, extending on either side along the course of the ex: ^^^^ ^ ^^^
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man snoozing at his post Now and then on.- of them getting his nose
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of more than one who has witnessed this disease, that it seems especially
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Causation. The disease of beef measles is due to the penetration
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Ziirn estimated the cases of recovery in flocks at 2 per cent. In these
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Pericarditis consists in inflammation of the pericardial sac. It is
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the study of Typhus Fever in the harbor of New York, but I doubt
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benefit will be obtained than by causing violent stimulation for a short
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The New Jersey Medical Reporter and Transactions of the New
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out, and the wounds then cauterised with solution of carbolic acid of
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Salting for fifteen to twenty days destroys the vitality of the parasite.
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occur in superficial inflammation, there are others more distinctive — great
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after trotting. This exaggeration, however, is often pathological. It is
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Prognosis. The prognosis must be regarded as extremely grave,
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simply exconations or abrasions of the mucous coat, happening at just that


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