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go in and inquire. After some further delay a young man came and
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The same remark applies to pigs ; nevertheless, an entire herd
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The calomel is administer d dry upon the tongue and washed
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We hold her to be worthy of all courtesy and honor as a sister college,
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the operation was, to use compression above and below the point selected
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Whenever such cases unfortunately occur, and cannot be immediately termi-
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regular and steady progress in the establishment of those medical truths
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learn how to value the higher blessings and comforts of a good, well ordered,
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dition all day ; is still quiet and rational ; tremor of limbs passed away.
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experiment was precisely the same as in the former, to-wit: sugar was
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established the alteration of the blood in diseases which are termed
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brought about by chronic gastritis, the epithelial cells of the mucous
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cular law of increase, which, in this case, is generation, or animal pro-
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the pharynx, because elevation of the jaw produces no effect
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ported that other instances of the same kind occurred on the
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costiveness, often going a week, or nearly that, without a passage.
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contraction every two or three minutes instead of two per minute), or
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errors in diet, or by disorder of the bowels ? Or does it return at cata-
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Dr. Simpson, in his paper "On the Statistics in Surgery," states, that
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At present, in the countries where the disease is common, one
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As the subjects are apt to wallow in the litter after the opera-
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This phase may continue for a very long time, three to four months
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concludes with an article on the Relation of Blood Pressure to
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and painful. As the disease progresses, the tumefaction becomes visible,
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physicians, as it deal- with conditions occuring in the daily routine
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Dr. Irvin Abell, of Louisville, has returned from British


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