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and placed iii the custody of the proper officer, who should deliver it in

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affections which are secondary to those of organs with whose "orgasms'

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liar pale straw color complexion spoken of as peculiar to the cancerous

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Astronomy, Physiology, Pathology, Chemistry. Materia Medical, Toxicol-

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therefore, does not indicate a disease, but nevertheless in bovine practice

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price is indeed less, but its labor cost is greater. The home condition of

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that thej respond more readily to local treatment than do

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no doubt that the free use of the mercurial combined with opium and

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compounds undergo wdthin the organism ends in the formation of the

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in my opinion, as anticipated by preceding remarks, is the chief remedy.

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nection with its influence over the heart's action and deranged secretions,

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Again, the city of Sandusky is situated on a clay soil, under-

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deep incisions. The patient today is in a desperate condition

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minds of the masses with enough correct reading and material of correct

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fares, and was often apparently hurried on from point to point, by the

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led us astray and we have operated \ipon cases that after-

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be regarded as such,) that all Essential fevers depend primarily on a

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good deal depends upon the mere warmth of the poultices, is sufficiently

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danger — -any exorbitant price for information that will demon-

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turn is followed by abscess formation in the abdominal Avail.

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After the recess an invitation was presented from the Medical Society of

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considerable, the sjanptoms of pericarditis grow very marked : they may

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Anus. Examination of the anus is easy. Simple inspection reveals

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paired and the local lesions of the mucous membrane very pronounced,

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Kingdom which requires to be dealt with under the provisions of

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The second symptom consists in moderate salivation without special

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matter, first ejected, is a large quantity of thick, slimy mucus, and soon

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brown, soon acquires a very foetid smell, and is found to contain epithe-


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