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which eventuated in double cataract. The x-ray showed this
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pericardial sac, there is infection, which produces an active form of
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great-grand mother, great-great-grandmother's mother, and great-great-
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tific, and to the young, whose organic habits are forming, disastrous.
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advertisements or private cards or handbills, inviting the attention of individ-
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gaseous indigestion associated with impaction of the rumen.
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remained in this quiescent condition for a week, during which time she
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and the foetus before birth, but which now goes to the udder because
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proving correct, the prognosis becomes easy, and this is the chief object
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again directed public attention to the advantages attending the use
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compression, together with uterine and vesical colic, loss of appetite
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hyperacidity of the stomach is suspected lime water, chalk, or magnesia
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3. The third phase is characterised by fractures, and it is this
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terest we take in those whom we have learned to love from
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told in a plain way; and we want downright facts at present more than
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live from four to twenty days, but they will occasionally live much
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Source of Infection. Clinical observation and analogy point to
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pital, or other accommodations in the town, in which the .^i<*k could be
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Dr. .James Paul, of Trenton, and had the proposition to that effect,
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Treatment. Leaving out of account internal medication with cal-
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which plays the part of a needle, is inserted separately, and is after-
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well-known work (1857) estimates about fourteen to fifteen days as
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WAIjLEY, "Four Boylne Scourges." (Pleuro-Pneumonia,
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genera], and even more thorough than at present contemplated, so that


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