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cavity (posterior cul-de-sac) ; Vs, vesicula seminalis ; R, rectum ; U, ureter ; Ip, line

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ischu," which is supposed by the patient to be fatigue from much

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viscid nasal discharge, difficult deglutition, panting, snuffling breathing,

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tion of part of year 1669, and of the years 1670, 1671, and 1672, at

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as they are lodged beneath the hypochondrium. Below, the sound is

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been discovered. No infallible system, in fact, exists of arresting the

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every effort from start to finish to prevent the post-anesthetic

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walls of the Haversian canals and cancelli of the affected bones. In

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or of the rumen, they may attack on the right the liver, or on the left

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stricken repeatedly between the shoulders and on the sternum; but these

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as an ascertained and demonstrable fact; but it does not destroy the

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are deficient, or the circumstance which best favor that action do not

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absence of reliable information as to the essential nature of these miasms

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their appearance and condition for a longer or shorter time, and,

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a lens, which concentrates its rays upon and gives brilliancy and dis-

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localised action of microbic toxins on the articular synovial membranes.

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associations, ventilating engineers, housing, students' and school

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mode of treatment, as any subsequent unexpected change in the character of

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stages. In such cases localised adhesive peritonitis

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of narcotic poison ; the others did not die so soon, although within a

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be painfully assailed in their intercourse with each other, and which cannot

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the ear to the chest wall, a large soft, amphoric souffle of well-marked

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already been stated and repeated, must not be given, or only in very


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