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accompanied by catarrhal tracheo-bronchitis, and even intra-pulmonary

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cessary, it does not follow that its quantity, so to speak, should be ex-

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the kidney, and dilatation of the collecting tubules of the pyramids, the

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should be made from time to time until convalescence is complete.

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cases in this epidemic where the diphtheria bacillus remained for

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But experience has shown that, while such treatment is troublesome

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when sent direct from that Institution, the only remuneration asked

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upon the training of the eye, the books, the charts, the tablet

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tial for the diagnosis. Blows, kicks and crushing violence

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examination, for the lesions discovered cannot be mistaken for those

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down from the throne of the Omniscient; whilst others mistake the

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gastric and duodenal ulcer, renal infections, even strangulated

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any other symptom, and again the manias, etc., may be the very

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cicatricial contraction takes place around the orifice.

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mation has extended down the ureter by bhe changes of the

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Injections of* fluoride of sodium ('1 to '5 per cent, strength)

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organization of our forces can be accomplished with facility. It

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ique, and if we could leave out of sight and out of mind the great num

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stone is quite small — have a final skiagraphic exposure just be-

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If the land is once free of disease, it can only be re-imported by

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there has been no further trouble. The work has grown from

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or accidental bruises inflicted by the animals themselves in fighting

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species. Whilst some affirm it, others think that all lesions of the lung


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