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consuming milk which had undergone abnormal changes. Milk con-

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as poisonous to cattle in the high western prairies of Canada.

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bloodless condition of the lungs is produced by obstruction of the right

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The temperature rises rapidly from the normal to 103° or 105°

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like shreds; the pulse was quite frequent, and not forcible. This is a

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The disease may extend towards the hocks, the knees, the stifle,

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abomasiim, by the woody seed covering, the fibres of which become

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About the 26th of May last, the first case of yellow fever entered the

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the continued eye work ought to be made. Shall it be b) -1

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producing gangrene, or death, of the part affected first, and ultimately

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and fantastic fleeting, changeful shadows, yet the accumulating waters

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puerperal streptococcus septicemia. Intestinal obstruction oc-

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the disease or not,) so affecting the locality where they arrive as to

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Limitation of motion in the direction of complete extention

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sofa, dance to music, and tip out intelligent answers to questions without

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syphilitic accidents, while it aggravates those which are syphilitic, and

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entrance of air or gas into one of the pleural cavities.

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duced from below the muscle by means of a grooved director, which has

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dition. They steadily ascend towards the origins of the ducts, dilating

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time of death the belly is distended with gas, the rectum protrudes at

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sipelatous inflammation did its part in depressing the vital energies, and

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would be nearer like my own than any body's else. Hence it was that

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has been well shown by Gerlach and Muller. The disease commences


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