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be without a predicate and therefore unsound. But the chemists, have
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arrivals, except from the ports of Buffalo and Detroit, and those places on
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the oesophageal sound or probang, taxis, crushing of foreign bodies
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become complicated by infection and eventually produce vaginitis. The
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Dr. T. Hunt Stucky, of Louisville, has returned from a short
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foreign bodies, septic broncho-pneumonia or broncho-pneumonia due to
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invoked, the prognosis became unfavorable. Renewed inhalation was
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1 found solidification of the apex of the left lung, and coarse mucous rales
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during its progress. It matters not whether it be an external erysipelas,
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placed in the Asylum within six months from the attack, nearly nine-tenths
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It may assume different forms, according as the head of the tibia is dis-
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the question whether simple pneumonia occurs in animals of the bovine
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From a number of observations which Dr. Cormack has made at va-
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At the late meeting of the American Medical Association the undersigned
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ment upon the carotid of a sheep, the injection of four drops of the con-
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abdominal symptoms, the cause of which might have been
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try sedation' by chloroform, ordered Tfc chloroform § i, mucil. acacise, f.
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effects. Be this as it may, if it possesses the powers and properties we
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ulceration. There was free bloody fluid in the abdominal
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Salpingitis and salpingo-ovaritis, i.e., inflammation of the Fallo-
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of a size corresponding to that of the tracheotomy tube.
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superficial glands, and this enlargement, wbich may commence at any
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would be particularly the case during the warm f season, when
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reticulum, or on the other hand consecutive to inflammatory states or
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Pneumonia is really nol any more a hum' dis< tse than is
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family from Selkirk's colony, as well as the three in the family of Captain
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method, except that the entire flap was formed from the outer side of
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