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central nervous connections with one group of somatic
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great propriety in limiting the inumber of schools, and at the same time
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The lymphatic glands, particularly those of the mediastinum, may
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tinctness of Typhus and Typhoid Fevers and the cause of that distinctness,
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Physiology." He proved with the half-denl reptile, as also with the
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knowledged right of an individual to the exercise and honors of his profession.
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mittent discharge from the vulva, wasting, expulsive efforts, dysuria
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regular and steady progress in the establishment of those medical truths
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and inevitable complication of, coryza and acute laryngitis. It is com-
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the patient sleeping. There is fluctuation deep in the finger felt from
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consists in allowing one of the testicles to rise towards the inguinal
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it appears that although this Northampton is even now one of the least
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a little better than one in 12f. Thus we have a gain in the last ten
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to any true science of medicine, of such knowledge. On the duty of af-
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other subjects, unconnected with those upon which I was writing.
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titis in man), that we should regard it as a septic stomatitis, and not as a
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The number of the Medical Times and Gazette, for June 11, just re-
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be taken up by certain microorganisms such organisms might
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of Clinical Medicine, and L. Napoleon Boston, M. D., Adjunct
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primary or direct and its secondary or indirect effects. If we have suc-
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Even though direct contagion has not been proved, it is impossible


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