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sent, this same evil genius has clung to her skirts and prowled around
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Y"ik Medical Gazette. ' This,' he says, "comes of maldng hospital doc-
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dering upon the Connecticut River, and the shores of Lake Champlain,
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frequency in the bovine species. Many of these polypi are simply actino-
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together with all broken-down tissue. Should this be neglected, the
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bandage applied must extend as far as the hoof. In this case displace-
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was then distended with air until no fluid could pass into the
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one finds distributed throughout the liquid mass very small numbers of
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might have gone to her full term, and possibly borne a living child.
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human fingers, but in external work a machine-sewed wound
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action of the antimeningitis serum is summed up in saying
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that the individual died from poison, but to prove that he has not died
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operation is rendered aseptic as far as possible, and scarified in lines
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the former regularly by the catheter, and the latter by enemata. She
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the north and west of Eoxbnrghshire and the similar hilly districts
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When the tendency to suppuration is marked, vesicants hasten
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The musculature of the uterine wall, in places, is very much
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flabby. Yet, according to Dr. Snow, it has not in any case been exten-
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best interests of medical men demand that they adapt themselves
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movement was either visible or audible for nearly a minute. The mus-
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are not all doomed to immediate death : some may be kept alive, and
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Lesions. Small-sized sharp bodies cause lesions of trifling extent,
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surface beneath, which prepares the way for its ejection.
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proved that Rhipicephalus annulatus is the active factor in desseminating
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phosphoric acid as phospho-glyceric acid. The reaction which these
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accumulation of feces in the transverse colon. The woman died, and it


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