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established that pneumonia, and not pleurisy, is commonest under such
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To counteract the derranged state of the sanguinous circulation, which
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sixteenth to one-eighth inch in diameter, in the beginning, of
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number of the Peninsular Journal, and that a copy be sent to every regular
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The food should be easy of digestion, and of first-rate quality. The
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a trephine hole, in a dog, noticed first pain and irritative
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viated. These seizures consist in fearful attacks of laryngismus, and of
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ers, by Samuel J. Kopetzky. M. D. ; Morbid Pregnancies Under
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convenient object or is held stationary, the animal looks drowsy, the
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affords a guide to the rapidity of development of the disease. The urine
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the system, attaching itself to, and impressing the solids — however these
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But if infection is the determining cause, certain secondary favour-
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surgical and other treatment of too delicate a kind and too prolonged
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respired contain more than 8 per cent, of chloroform, the action of the
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production and applications of the antiserum we are imitating
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Ihis disturbance. No actual stones were found; the gall bladder
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must, however, exert pressure upon the entire abdomen from
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Symptoms. The disease as discovered and described by Jenner
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ous mass is separated by the eliminatory inflammation which is set up
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therefore, arouse, ye .strong men of the Southwest !
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gressive cachexias. In animals which survive this phase and are
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various sections of the country to which allusion has been made, I am
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time was consumed waiting for all bleeding to cease before the trachea was
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is confirmed somewhat by there being no very deep cicatrices, nor large


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