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present leprosy also is most common. This cannot mean that any direct

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in the muscles of the extremities. The patient draws up his feet, and is

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mals ; and E,oux maintains against Behring's law that antitetanic serum

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Amongst the more recent contributors to the etiology of diphtheria



especially in typhus, which was at one time thought to show in some

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whole appearance of the disease differ so much according to the part

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ally to chances of infection, are much less frequently attacked than hew

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very characteristic symptom, vomiting, and other marks of gastric dis-

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Fort Vancouver, west of the Rocky Mountains, says that three daya be-

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principle from diphtheria cultures, which they called an enzyme ; and

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the proceeding ; but it is not stated whether the disease was acute or chronic.

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** The immediate cause appears to be an irritable condition of the

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the power of hearing. The dej^ree of hearing varies, however, at dif-

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durst hazard delivery, which be then accomplished with an auspicious

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as we know, removes all possible germicidal and antitoxic powers it may

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This was shown by Fermi and Salsano, and it is important to note that

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cal before any phagocytosis has time to come into play ; and this alteration

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of designing knaves. As a very great efibrt has been making to enlighten

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literarj.Iabora and discoveries, is before us, for which we tender onr

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the body, such as the spinal cord, brain and nerve endings, it is evident

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Again, by means of chemical vaccination we render an animal refractory,

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curred under Dr. F. H. Ramsbotham's observation, 21 of the infants

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and uterine secretions in women after delivery, and those of the vagina

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septicsemia of ten ends fatally after a few days — from four to ten days — or

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circumstances of parlor comfort, that it is a rare circumstance in this

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of being retained in the region of injury, is conveyed outside that region ;

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arsenic in smaller quantity (one-fifth of the strength of Eoncegno and

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William Boghurst. Loimographia : an Account of the Great Plague of London in

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of tbc feUowing mixture every two hours, to correct acidity.

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the skin over the swelling will sometimes give rise to an appearance

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come on early in the disease. The symptoms generally subside during

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results (62). Some authors (Dietrich, Eichle) have looked upon the

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From the 17th, calomel and opium were freely given until death, with


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